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The dry finishing process commonly called a “powder coat finish” is ten times tougher than traditional wet paint, and is now available in a variety of colors and textures. The powdercoating’s color can be matched to any wet paint color and texture, and does not produce any harmful by-products. That’s why A-W Airflo has chosen powdercoating as the finishing method of choice. Our powdercoat finishing area is well equipped with a large 10’L x 12’W x 7’H Gehnrich walk-in oven, 10’ powder containment booth, Wagner Prima Airfluid powder system with HiCoat and Spring X-1 powder guns, and a complete phosphate cleaning line. With our in-house powdercoating capability, we are able to ensure a quality finish as well as the ability to respond as necessary to our customers’ requests for expediting.